--> Sara and Jade's Proposal // Coronado, CA - Stephanie Fishbein Photography

Sara and Jade’s Proposal // Coronado, CA

After having been best friends with Sara’s sister since seventh grade, I am overjoyed with the fact that I got to be there for when her amazing boyfriend Jade got down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage! Sara always puts family first, and when I met Jade a year ago (at a 90’s themed party might I add!), I knew instantly that he would be the kind of guy Sara deserves. You usually think multiply pieces for a surprise, especially something with such high pressure as a proposal, would go wrong. This surprise however went flawlessly. Months went into the planning, like where’s the best part of the beach, what is the excuse for this weekend away, how to get myself and Jade there during a family vacation and many other things that made the popping of the question as special as it was. Jade’s priority was that her family would be present, further proving how amazing they are for each other.


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