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Granada and Stockholm // Europe 2015 Part 2

If you are ever planning on going to Spain I would highly suggest spending a few days in Granada! I stayed in this breathtaking city for two weeks with my stunning cousin (the blonde beauty!) and instantly fell in love with the easy going mentalities and lifestyle. Not to mention the fact that everything is ridiculously reasonable. Like a cappuccino being €1.40, making it logical that I would buy four to five a day to equal the price I’d pay back home. Right…? Live music and performances everywhere and people who adored having worldly conversations, I could honestly go on forever about this town, so go and experience it for yourself! Stockholm, through very different, was a wonderful stop! Talk about DESIGN, wow there was design everywhere you turned and it made me strangely happy. From the wonderful architecture, shop signs, and even how the book and clothing stores were set up, you can tell they don’t mess with designing. It blew me away and inspired my organization skills and creativity.

Granada, Spain

Stockholm, Sweden

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