--> Edinburgh, Scotland // Europe 2015 Part 3 - Stephanie Fishbein Photography

Edinburgh, Scotland // Europe 2015 Part 3

Edinburgh was probably one of my favorite new cities that I visited during my Fall trip around Europe. I’m usually not into shrubbery, but how it interacted with all of the stone and brick buildings was so intricate and beautiful that I tended to gravitate towards capturing it. Got to take wonderful walks in the rain, winding through the small cobblestone street of old and new town. All the shops where so sweet and cozy, as if you could curl up with a book and blanket in front of a fire, even if the shop sold just soaps. One day I made a mission to find all the used book stores around town (okay, yes I did this for all the cities I went to, it’s called a book obsession for a reason). Each one of them had it’s own almost romantic old time feel and character, topped with a Disney like shop owner who was alway jolly and kind when I’d walk in a chat about life and the town. I felt like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, can you blame me for loving it there? A must return spot.

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