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Hi, I’m Stephanie Fishbein!
About Me

It’s hard to remember a time when I didn’t have a camera on me, making stories and capturing memories with friends and family. I continually find inspiration in the people and places I encounter in my daily life, whether they are old friends or new.

Los Angeles is home. I got to grow up in the heartland of movie making, where I was constantly immersed in capturing light, stylized moments and creating beautiful images. My home away from home is Paris, France. After moving there the summer after high school to fully embrace my love of photography, I became captivated with the peaceful, elegant, and dreamy Parisian lifestyle. Since coming back to the states and starting my wedding and portrait work, I have had the opportunity to return to Paris, as well as Rome, Stockholm, Seattle, San Fransisco, San Diego and Atlanta, to capture pieces of couples’ love story. I’m obsessed with travel, and I’m so grateful for those couples who ask me to photograph their destination weddings.

A wedding is all about happiness, love, light, and memories to be shared for generations. I love what I do because I get to be a part of that light and those memories. I get to meet incredible couples, their wonderful families, and help them preserve memories of the day those families come together. The genuine and light hearted parts of the day are my absolute favorite! I tear up for vows and toasts, of course, but the parts in between get me even more. The stolen kisses, the long hugs from parents and those who have traveled from far away. Capturing these candid emotions and gestures and getting lost in the story of the day makes me never want to say goodbye at the end of the night.


Fun Facts


○ I think positivity and optimism can get you anywhere

○ I have traveled abroad every two years since I was 10

○ I get overly giddy when I eat my favorite foods. This usually includes a happy dance

○ Whenever I travel I have to buy at least one used book from a local bookstore

○ First looks are one of my top favorite moments to photograph at a wedding

○ I’m obsessed with learning, I make sure to do it daily

○ I love mod and minimalistic design

○ I live off fruits and veggies with a side of candy.

Publications include: Trendy Bride Magazine, Gray Likes Weddings, The Knot, Borrowed and Blue & more!

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